Amazon Android Phone to be Unveiled on June 18...It's Official!

Gadget enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for the new Amazon android phone. They have filtered the web for any leaks, rumours for so long that the official announcement of the June 18 event, to launch the much anticipated Android smartphone on Amazon's site, has become a celebration itself. The teaser on the Amazon Homepage of the new Amazon android phone has increased the happy tension even more.

And interesting thing is, the event is not Press Only event. Amazon invites all of you, yes all of you to attend the event. All you have to do is Amazon’s homepage and click to register for an invitation. If you’re chosen, which will happen before June 12, 2014, then you’ll be able to travel to Amazon in Seattle, USA and see this new phone for yourself.

The anticipation for Amazon smartphone is not misplaced particularly after the ambitions of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and the success of the Amazon's Fire-branded Android devices -- Amazon Fire TV, the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. The Amazon eBook Reader is always there. All Amazon needs to make best use of its app ecosystem, Amazon Appstore for Android, and Android Appstore, is a smartphone.

The new Amazon smartphone will be an Android phone, There's not much known about the Use Interface. That's what Amazon has created to sit above the Google Android OS.

We've seen the leaks, heard the rumors, and now there’s a press event on the 18th of June. The cool thing about this event is that you’re invited.

What can surprise us  in the new Amazon Smartphone ?

According to some rumours out there, the new amazon smartphone experience moves with the user. Apparently, there are sensors on the front of the phone that delivers a 3D experience of some kind. How and what, is not known right now. But since amazon is entering the smartphone market rather late, hence it can be assumed that the UI will be different from what competitors have rolled out so far. May be you can see some 3D bundled in a smartphone. Who knows.

See you at the Amazon Android Phone unveiling event in Seattle on June 18... --------

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