Expert Tweaker, Velocity Micro announces New Unlocked 4th Generation Intel Core Processors

Many PC users may not be aware that , processors can be overclocked. That's made to run at speeds or frequencies higher than that is stated on them. Overclocking heats up the processors, that's why the manufacturers don't support any damage caused to the processor or the PC as a result of this over clocking. Over Clocking requires cooling system to absorb the heat generated. Some overclockers use water, pros at higher hierarchy use liquid nitrogen or some other coolant. Yes, Overclocking is a specialized act, which only professionals must do. Overclocking is not for nothing, it gives the manufacturers the idea of the extent to which their processors can be speed up, before the processor is damaged. I'm talking about overclocking because I want to bring home the point that every piece of hardware inside your PC cabinet can be fine tuned for ultimate performance. That's irrespective of what a company states on the the hardware and the the limit it sets, it is always the possibility to tweak a piece of hardware to give the best performance. Such tweaking is surely not for ordinary PC users; and hence only professionals do it.

Velocity Micro the premier builder of award winning enthusiast desktops, laptops, and peripherals, has recently announced the availability of expertly crafted systems for pre-order featuring the New Unlocked 4th Generation Intel Core Processors. The Hand-crafted configurations (the expertly tweaked hardware) in the Edge class start at around $1,750, with shipments beginning later this month.

On the eve of the launch, Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro, said,

"This latest batch of unlocked processors from Intel allow our engineers to do what they do best – tweak and tune the processor cores, memory, graphics, and power until the systems we build are some of the fastest, most powerful available," We're excited to be able to offer these new products for preorder as a part of our ongoing pursuit to create a remarkable, cutting-edge desktop PC product."

On the eve, Lisa Graff, vice president of the PC Client Group and general manager of the Desktop Client Platforms Group at Intel Corporation, said,

"For well over a decade, Velocity Micro has been a key partner, alongside us with every product launch since the Core 2 Duo Processor. We are thrilled to be working with Velocity Micro on this latest launch and very much look forward to even more great things ahead."

You can see the work of Velocity Micro as one of assembling best performing PCs or Custom PCs. Only that they are doing it at an advanced level, which includes optimization. That's why the extra bucks, one is paying for their PCs. All Velocity Micro desktops are hand built and supported in the USA. To custom configure and pre-order an award-winning desktop featuring a new Unlocked 4th Generation Intel Core processor or to learn more about how they can be beneficial to your specific needs, visit --------

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