2 Things you MUST NOT DO to make Yourself Popular on Facebook

With more than a Billion Facebook users across the world ( many of whom are active on a daily basis), many aspiring Facebook marketers want to make themselves and their Business or Brand pages popular on Facebook. That's why they have set a weird kind of goal for themselves: The goal to get 5000 Friends for their profile and as many likes as possible for their pages.

This goal, makes many of them ask a weird question: How many friends requests can I send a day, so that I remain safe from Facebook's ire?

The above question is funny as , their viewpoint for Facebook marketing is very wrong.

It's wrong because, you don't need everyone to be your friend on Facebook, you want someone who really likes you and your product/service (Page) , trusts you and spreads your word.

2 Things you MUST NOT DO to make Yourself Popular on Facebook

1) Approaching Facebook users to friend you or Like your Page

The novelty days of Facebook are over. This means that Facebook users now sense within seconds even the slightest bit of selfishness. Hence the moment the Facebook user you're approaching to finds that you wants to friend with him/her for your own vested interested, the person will never respond to your request. Hence the question of how many friend requests you can send a day is unnecessary. Even when you are not penalised by Facebook, you will emerge as a person who is liked by none.

2) Get to the 5000 Facebook friends mark or get loads of likes for your page in No Time 

In Facebook marketing, the maxim : Quality matters more than the Quantity.

You are focussing on getting 5000 friends or loads of Likes for your page fast. That's why you are friending everyone (by sending friend requests to all and sundry). But those who are accepting your friend requests without much consideration to what you promote on Facebook, are in all probability those Facebook users who themselves want to reach the 5000 friends count. This means that once befriended, many of these network marketers on facebook will push their own marketing on your Facebook timeline.


The right approach to Facebook marketing is to have a compelling product, content or service which is useful, builds trust and loyalty among the target audience. It's not necessary to have too many Facebook Friends or Page Like. What is important is , you care about them as much as they care about you. This means not burdening your followers with too direct promotion and marketing.


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