Youtube Commenters focus on the Looks of even Women Academics !

Celebrated web comic xkcd once created a comic. In the comic a guy and a gal are showing estimating one another on the their first glance. The girl was thinking in her mind about the guy's job, money and intelligence. The guy on contrary was thinking about t**s and b**s. Another comic, somewhere else, expresses this mindset as : When a woman thinks about Heart, the guy thinks about an inverted one.

A recent study, reveals that when it comes to comments postings on online networking sites like Youtube. Then the same mindset seems to be in play. Irrespective of what a woman says on a Youtube video, men comment about their looks. If the woman shows confidence or talks about something that's seen bold for a woman, then the Youtube comments, start becoming outrageous and offending. In short, although YouTube comments of any video, generally seem to be rude; but still when a woman is on a Youtube video, then the rudeness is much much more. The study, shared in the video below , compared the comments on TED videos on the TED's official site, where moderation is on and on the same video on Youtube (TED Talks are the events where top people , achievers, highly educated people give speeches on a topic, they have expertise in, or in which they have proved themselves as having reached the excellence). The study found that, even when a woman on the TED Stage talked about something academic, men commented about her looks. Below is an examination of the new study that compared the comments on YouTube to the comments on other video streaming websites.


Do you agree with the study? Have you observed the same commenting behavior on Youtube and elsewhere online? --------

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