Implantable birth control microchip by 2018

In a time when medical fraternity sees significant risks of oral contraceptives, an implantable birth control microchip is being developed. The implantable chip will hit the U.S. market by 2018. And there are chances that it will, unless some ethical issue arises, as the project is being funded by Billionaire and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates. Bill Gates is often seen as a population control enthusiast, who in the past has provided money to such out of the box (sometimes called evil) ideas such as --genetically engineered vaccinating mosquitoes or flying syringes, sperm killing viruses and so on.

The experts and thinkers are already seeing profound implications of this new birth control microchip on human reproduction. The new microchip implant reportedly lasts up to 16 years, and can be controlled via wireless remote device. It will keep giving the body the required birth control hormone as and when required for 16 years or till a woman remains fertile. According to the researchers in the development, each microchip comes with “secure encryption”.

The very idea of such consented, involuntary birth control is quite popular among World's top rich and top influencers. But since most of the times their philanthropy targets are poor or developing nations, they are also their petri dishes.


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