Kindle Unlimited : Amazon's e-book subscription service at $9.99 per month

Amazon, the online retailer, has entered the competitive e-book subscription market, with Kindle Unlimited. The service launched just hours ago, called “Kindle Unlimited”, lets Amazon customers (anyone can become its customer) pay $9.99 every month for unlimited access to 600,000 titles plus more than 2,000 audiobooks accessible on any Kindle or Kindle app on any mobile device.

The subscription service can easily glad any book lover, especially those who has transitioned to reading books on a screen. But still, if you are in two minds, then Amazon is offering First month Kindle Unlimited Subscription for free.

Watch this video to know more about the service.

The new Amazon e-book subscription service is currently available to US customers only.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited has come at a time, when Amazon has still to sort out its long drawn war with the publishers on the issue of e-book pricing. The publishers find the e-book prices at Amazon too low. With Amazon Kindle Unlimited service, Amazon has pushed the publisher from the e-book buying scene, even further. But it will be wrong to assume that Amazon has jumped in the competitive world of e-book subscription market without any ground work. Amazon's internal sales data may be pointing to a situation where such subscription service will boost the overall book sales. After all not every book lover has the ability to consume even 5 books a month. Thus the biggest book readers on the new e-book subscription service will be those who in a way will promote the books, for example, book reviewers, journalists, academics etc.

There's another perspective of looking at the Amazon's new Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription service model. In all probability, the bearshare of all the ebooks on the service will be those by small or amateur publishers. It may be, Amazon has rolled out the subscription service particularly for such kind of publishers.


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