What's draining battery on Windows 8.1, during Sleep : Microsoft Sleep Study

It is quite annoying to see one's smartphone or other device battery draining out while it's not in use. Microsoft conducted a study, called Microsoft Sleep study, to look for the reasons responsible for this battery drain. And developed a new tool for Windows 8.1 (or Windows 8.x) , which tells you what has been draining the battery of a tablet or other battery-powered Windows device while it was not in use.

The Sleep Study tool keeps track of the apps and services responsible for running down your battery. This is a good thing, as even after ensuring authentic apps on your device or even after reading every disclosure, there are many apps which are simply power guzzlers. That too without you actually knowing. What makes Microsoft Sleep Tool worthy is that it's designed to have a minimal impact on the battery itself.

There are some requirements to using Sleep Study though. You need to have a Windows device that is compatible with a feature called InstantGo, which used to be known as Connected Standby. You also need to be familiar with Microsoft's command window and have Windows 8.1 installed. To implement , here is the detailed tutorial. It's for advanced tech enthusiasts though.


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