Apple launches Apple Watch : Apple worked on Aesthetics as Well!

Apple seconds ago launched the much anticipated Apple watch. Unlike the smart-watches from the rivals , the Apple Watch scores on aesthetics. You don't need to be a geek to wear one. Apple has introduced the Apple Watch in various styles : such as one has a metallic bracelet chain attached to it Other variants have leather, metal and plastic bands. Apple CEO Time Cook calls Apple Watch the most personal device Apple has ever created.

The Apple watch, as said above is not crafted as some watch for a Geek or tech lover. Apple has put enough thought to it, to create such watch that most sophisticated of the persons will want to wear. Apple Watch is built with custom alloys of Stainless steel, aluminium and Gold. It's oozing quality and class.

As expected the Apple Watch on your Wrist, among other logical things, will monitor your vital health indicators such has heart rate, pulse rate, activity etc. Thus Apple wants you to see it as a companion to monitor health and fitness.

Digital Crown in Apple Watch

Apple takes credit of introducing this fascinating tool in the world. The Digital Crown is a tool which solves the problem of magnifying content on a small display. The Digital Crown tech enables the wearer the ability to scroll, zoom and navigate Apple Watch (reach to your Apps) without covering the display. A great tool, as what will be left if or fingers cover the display that small. Digital crown is a small button on the side of the Apple Watch.

You can create and watch a video on Apple Watch as well.

Flexible Retina Display

Apple Watch has a flexible Retina Display , which is laminated to a single crystal of sapphire (a natural mineral or crystal).

Apple Watch to monitor vital health indicators and fitness activity

How Apple Watch monitors your pulse rate? Infrared and visible light LEDs , along with photo sensors, detect your pulse rate.

Apple Watch is being hailed as a Sports Watch as well. A custom senor measures intensity by tracking the wearer's heart rate. It monitors the activity the 24 hours a day or until it's on the wrist.

Apple Watch uses GPS and Wi-Fi in iPhone to help track the distance. This means that it's a paired smart watch with iPhone. An iPhone in you pocket and an Apple Watch on your wrist.

The Workout App shows real time stats such as calories, time , distance and pace of your workouts (intensity). Yes, it will keep record of activities like Walking, cycling, cross training running and will point to you if you get lazy. Yes, many such apps are part of fitness games these days. But having them on a smart watch, which is monitoring the body's health and activity indicators in real time and making record or them, is really great.

It's often reported that George Bernard Shaw used to write while standing near his high desk. He was healthy. Apple Watch doesn't want yo to sit one your desk for long duration time, that's why one things Apple Watch monitors is the time period , during the entire day you stand up. It's to ensure that you take breaks from your sitting posture. Other things measured are intensity of activity and duration of activity.

Taptic Engine in Apple Watch

When an incoming communication comes, the Taptic Engine creates a feeling that is perceivable to you, but not to anyone else. You may or may see it as a big ting, o boats about, but remember this is what is marketing all about.

Communication on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch uses every vehicle right from preset phrases, smart responses, audio messages to your location, interactive emoticons to communicate.

Any photos you favorite on our iPhone or Mac automatically appear on Apple Watch.

Like it or HATE it Siri is there

Apple Watch helps you navigate

With maps and directions.

Communicate With Your Beats

Since Apple Watch is monitoring he wearer's heart beats. He can send his perceivable heart beats to his beloved, who is also wearing an Apple watch, thousands of miles apart.


For developers to adapt or create apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Variants

Based on the personal style and Taste

Watch, Watch Sports and Watch Edition

Apple Watch compatibility

Apple Watch Requires iPhone (any of 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus)

Apple Watch Price and Availability

$349 and will be available early next year.


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