Gold-Plated iPhone 6 @ £2400 , there's 18 Carat Gold Apple Watch as well

Some hours ago, the moment Apple launched its smart watch, the Apple Watch (iWatch), the World seemed unanimous on one thing: Man, the thing is beautiful!

And rightly so, unlike its so called rivals (although Apple always competes with self) who in the past months rolled out Geeky looking smart watches; Apple launched a smart watch which even the most snobbish of persons will love to wear. the Apple Watch is crafted as some premium watch, cleverly giving the buyer all the future tech to boast about. During the event, the Apple CEO Tim Cook described the Apple Watch as an extremely precise and customizable time piece. makers of Rolex also feel pride in the accuracy of their time pieces.

The Apple Watch not only has a Leather band, it has also a metal bracelet band made up of Stainless steel, aluminium and 18-carat Gold. Yes, Gold.
Rivals will now be thinking, why they saw smart watches as something only tech fans will want to own and wear. With so much cash to sit on, Apple could safely experiment with Apple Watch.

The idea Apple always worked on, is how to bedazzle its loyal fans. That's why if God Plated iPhone 5S was luxury, then what about Gold plated iPhone 6. Alexander Amosu which specialises in custom made or made to order mobile phones will create a gold plated iPhone 6 for anyone who can pay a cool £2400. Those who order fast will get a £150 Amosu leather case for free. Nothing comes for free, Right!

Even for iPhone 6 this gold plating thing will be one of the ultimate customization options.

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