Online Social Networking Tips by Ankit Fadia | New Book for Professionals

Ankit Fadia is a popular techie in India. He had the distinction of being the youngest hacker in India. A distinction which gave him the opportunity to get a job at Infosys (If I remember correctly) and become India's sweetheart. Young men and women are familiar with him. A large section of these 20 year olds are his fans as well. You can call Ankit Fadia the Chetan Bhagat of Tech World. Ankit has written a couple of books on hacking (or ethical hacking) , internet tips. His latest book is on Social media. The book teaches you 50 ways you can use Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. to improve your professional life.

Since Ankit Fadia writes for 20 somethings, his new book , titled Social : 50 Ways to Improve Your Professional Life on social networking skills or social media tips for professionals is just Rs 140.

The book is good for readers with very basic understanding of Social landscape online. But that is understandable, going by the fact that, professionals in jobs other than Tech based, seldom have more than basic knowledge of anything online. The book is not for those with considerable knowledge of social networks. 

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