Socialise online with fake names, pseudonyms, no advertising ... Ello

When social networks such as Facebook, Twitter are trying to nail down a person's real identity, by pressing on their users use their real names and contact details (one they use in their Driving licenses in real World), a company is doing the just opposite. It is inviting users to use fake names, pseudonyms, eschews advertising and promises not to track its users (what you buy and where you buy and what interests you have is your personal business which not even your friends must know). This is Ello, a new social network. And no wonder it's seeing rapid growth.

many will ask ,why would anyone socialize online without being his/her real self. As some talk, practised behind the veil of anonymity or up front, gives a high. Ello is cashing on that psychology. BTW, not cashing on now; but will surely cash on later. After all, Money may not be a God, but it's not less as well. It will be interesting to see how Ello will monetise itself. A premium service (socializing service) for some can be one idea.

In contrast, Facebook is still trying to make good for its 1.32 billion plus members. The insistence on the use of Real names comes from its desire to use its People based advertising, which primarily depends on Facebook users sharing their real information. But the insistence is somewhat unnecessary ; one, it's hard to verify fake names. Two, no matter how much Facebook tries a section of users will use fake names. And three, no matter how a person tries to disguise him/her under a veil, he does share some authentic information about him and his interests.


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