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SnapJet lets you print your smartphone snaps as Polaroids

I always found the photos clicked by self from a digital camera and more so with a smartphone, a waste of time. Why? as even when the clicker manages to capture some of the most precious moments of his/her life, with the perfection of a professional photographer, the photos get lost in the course of time. A powerful camera in one's smartphone, or a photo filmless digital camera may have made clicking photos easier, but it has also made us less careful to preserve those valuable moments. The way we used to do a couple of decades earlier.

To help us preserve life's precious moments captured through a smartphone, a new device seeking funding is using Polaroid technology to let you wirelessly print photos from your smartphone.

The device lets you print Polaroid-style photos directly from your smartphone. Named SnapJet -- the device uses no apps, no wires, no Wi-Fi, no NFC, no Bluetooth -- and it's compatible with every smartphone that can take a picture.

How Snapjet works?

According to the developers, the light emitted from a smartphone could be used to develop a photo. That's why the smartphone is being placed face down, The technology benefits from the 326 ppi or higher iPhone retina display. .

That part, the products is said to be using optical fibres instead of a lens.

The device is open source, including an OLED display, USB and BLE compatibility.

The SnapJet is up for funds, for you. The minimum pledge of $129.

Snapjet Release Date

December 2015.

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