Xiaomi Laptop coming? Mi Laptop Can be Macbook Air-Like

Xiaomi has surely made a place for itself among the gadget lovers around the Globe. The Chinese Company is known for great specs devices at unbelievable prices. No wonder, 2014, had been an impressive year for the company.

If some of the images and reports surfacing on the Web are to be believed, then the Company is gearing up to enter the PC segment with the launch of its first laptop. The Xiaomi Laptop is being called the Mi laptop. It's a great pace forward, keeping in mind its entry into wearable gear with its first fitness tracker, the Mi Band.

Mi Laptop Specs

Courtesy rumors, the Xiaomi laptop will feature a large 15-inch display with a full-HD (1080p) resolution, will be powered by an Intel Haswell processor (Core i7-4500U) and feature two 8GB dual channel memory modules ( meaning will pack a total of 16GB of RAM). The Xiaomi Laptop is rumored to be running on a customised Linux OS.

Xiaomi Laptop

What will you have to shell out for the Mi Laptop? CNY 2,999 (Rs. 30,700 approximately).

The Mi laptop, has form factor very similar to the Apple's Macbook Air.

Don't know, whether this is some clever imagination, but the Mi Logo can also be seen at the back where the Apple logo is one the Macbook Air.

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