29 Ways to improve your WordPress Website | Book shares

If you are running a self hosted WordPress blog or WordPress website, there's high likelihood that you may have a wish to improve it, so that you get more traffic. I'm emphasizing on "already running" aspect, as in order to clearly acknowledge that mere content can't pull the website up and help the WordPress website grow, a blogger must have spent some time running a website.

It may look rude, but only after some months and sometimes years of blogging, a blogger gets into the proper blogging mindset. A mindset where content creation and website improvement go together. What does working on site improvement mean? It means making site likable to search engines, get more website content indexed at key positions on search engines, bringing search traffic from search engines, building good website reputation/authority and using tools/services both within and outside the website to help it grow.

The 29 ways to improve your WordPress Website, are actually shared in a book titled -- 25 Ways To Improve Your Website by Vinny O'Hare. Why this dichotomy?  As whatever the tile suggests, the author shares with you 29 ways to improve your WordPress Website. The Book is divided into 29 chapters, and shares information from everything about Website aesthetics (importance of colors used, Ad placement, layout etc.) to title tags, alt tags, meta tags, meta description, good site navigation, importance of internal linking, building back-links, content and last but not the least 5 Social networks one must focus on.

Who the book is for:

Can't say for sure. It's quite vague for new WordPress website owners. It's quite generic for those WordPress blog or WordPress website or Website on other CMS (Content Management System) owners, who spent some time with the CMS. In addition, the latter Website owners will find the book one of the many such book present online. There are some tips though, from which both kind of website owners can benefit.


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