Marshall Major II headphones to cost $120 | CES 2015

Marshall Major II headphones to be available Worldwide in Late January.

Marshall Headphones has announced its second-generation, Major II cans. The new headphones are an upgrade to the former ones. The revelation is made during the official press event of CES 2015.

Marshall Major Headphones 1
Taking ahead the legacy of the iconic Marshall amps and improvement on the original Marshall Major cans (Here), the Major II headphones are set to launch worldwide later January. The new customisations claim to deliver deeper bass and a more refined midrange. In addition, the pack will now also contain a detachable cable with connection ports on both ears. This is to enable the headphone user to choose the side to dangle the cable, with built-in microphone and mic, from, as per one's convenience. In addition there will be also be an L-plug end for connecting to two sets of cans simultaneously. The overall design of the Marshall Major II headphones has become more ergonomic.

Price of Marshall Major II headphones 

£100 in the UK, $120 in the US.

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