5 Electric Cars World is Talking About, includes Apple Titan

Apple is reportedly working on an electric car, aka iCar. 

What is restricting Electric Car adoption? Price, Distance range from a single Charge and of course choice. But still, Electric Cars is the future of the cars. At least this is what both manufacturers (car manufacturers and Tech companies) and people think.

Below are 5 Electric Cars World is Talking About:

  1. Apple iCar codenamed Titan : According to WSJ, Apple is serious about developing the next Gen electric vehicle. It wants to jump the curve this time as well, that's why it has brought top designers with automobile manufacturing experience under its hood. Get ready to see the biten Apple on front of car, which will eb more like a minivan.
  2. Chevrolet Bolt: Announced recently, the electric car will hav a range of 200-mile (that;s distance covered from a single charge). The car will have a price tag of $37500 plus 20 percent tax. The commercial manufacture of the car will start from 2017.
  3. Tesla Model 3: This is from a Company situated in Silicon Valley. This company started its journey from an electric automobile itself. The range is the same as GM's Bolt; but it's much cheaper. Under 30000 dollars including taxes.
  4. Nissan Leaf: Has already sold close to 150,000 cars.


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