Bluewire Top Spy Bluetooth earpiece records 1k hours of talk fully encrypted

Hands free is both convenience and craze, Especially when dashing spies are shown sporting Bluetooth earpiece in popular movies. A new Bluewire Bluetooth earpiece surely cuts to the list. The bluetooth earpiece has already received $65,000!  in crowd funding from all over the World. The Bluewire Bluetooth headpiece is also the only project currently backed by Perk Insurance. What that means -- If the company doesn't deliver within 90 days of the estimate delivery date - Senss will return all pledged money.

Bluewire Top Spy Bluetooth earpiece
What makes Bluewire Bluetooth earpiece Unique

Bluewire is the world's smartest, wireless earpiece that records whatever conversation is passing through your smartphone.  This means that you can simply take part in the conversation and don't look for something to pen down important facts. With this Bluetooth earpiece you can effortlessly store and playback all the key points of your phone call when needed.

With its built-in MicroSD card, keep up to 1,000 hours of talk fully encrypted. This not only means you having ample of time before backing up the list of conversations; but also communicate most syndicated of conversations. This means an end to switching over to an encrypted communication mode, before exchanging highly confidential information. Reminds me of Sabeer Bhatia, the founder of Hotmail. Bhatia got the idea of a free email that can be accessed on a Web browser, while in his his car. Not to forget the idea, he immediately made an encrypted call to his partner, to share the idea. No more hassle any more.

Backup the conversations so recorded in your Bluewire Bluetooth earpiece, when you have time.Just transfer your files to your computer (via USB) or right to your smartphone for playback with our custom App.

What makes Bluewire Bluetooth earpiece versatile is that it connects with any Bluetooth capable headset or your hands-free car audio,  so you can still record using other devices. Bluewire can even transfer files with a tap to Near Field connectivity capable phones (such as the Android devices with NFC).

The Bluewire Bluetooth earpiece charges quickly on its available Qi mat when you're on the go.

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