Copywriting, internet marketing AND Difference between Long & Lengthy

When it comes to internet marketing, Copywriting is considered as important as the technical stuff such as SEO.

           But unlike SEO, which is still the domain of a few World class experts; the content copywriting is a more democratic arena, where nothing can be treated as some airy fairy concept. Every copywriting concept has some logic behind it. A logic which ensures the success of a marketing copy based on that concept.

Since Copywriting is writing a copy for the purpose of advertising or marketing -- the objective of which is to persuade someone to buy a product or service, or make them agreeable to the marketing copy or the thought; that's why there are no fixed rules in Copywriting, as to what will convince and what will not.

For instance, in copywriting, it's often said that, other variables equal, a Short copy always performs better than a Long one.

This is not always true. As the length of a copy doesn't stop at 'Long' itself. There's one more term called 'Lengthy'.

And the distinction between Long and Lengthy matters a lot in copywriting.

A copy may be Long, but if it's useful and hence interesting to the reader or customer, it will NOT seem BORING.

A copy which seems boring to the reader or customer is actually "Lengthy".

This explains why someone planning to buy a particular smartphone, is able to read long pages laden with technical specifications, features, reviews and what gadget experts have said about it.

Do think about it. If you're trying to master the art and science of copywriting.


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