Low Energy LCD Display for Smartwatches ... Less Need to Recharge?

JDI Low Energy Display especially for smartwatches Uses Reflective LCD Technology

The gadgets in our homes are increasing. But one thing even Geeks are often lazy about is recharging. A new tech gadget means a new gadget to recharge. And with wearable technology the new trend in the gadget world; wearable tech makers are particularly concerned about how to increase the 'need to recharge' duration of a gadget. Since the most popular form of wearable tech at present is smartwatch; hence a serious thought is being given as to how the smartwatch user can tie the watch on his wrist and forget about recharging for days, if not months.

JDI smartwatchWearable technology is much talked about company these days; especially after it recently announced about a new display it has created specifically for smartwatches. A smartwatch which the buyer can tie on his wrist and forget to recharge it one a daily basis.

JDI Low Energy LCD Display for Smartwatches

The said low energy Display or Low power consuming Display will feature a resolution of 320×300 pixels; and will have a diameter of 1.34-inches (Equal to that of a not so big wrist watch). It uses reflective LCD technology which requires less than 0.5% of the power typically used by a smartphone or a smartwatch with a more traditional LCD display. This is a revolution sort of, after all the Display is saving 99.5 percent battery life.

The reflective LCD display will not require a backlight, which is where most of the power is being consumed. It relies on ambient light for visibility. It will show vivid colors even in bright sunlight.

Who the JDI Smartwatch has to compete with

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch , which uses low energy Mirasol technology, which enables Toq to last a few days and up to a week on a single charge.

How Less will be the Need to Recgarge the JDI's Low Energy Display Smartwatch?

Unfortunately, the company has revealed it.

The JDI smartwatch will be in markets in November December Festive Season 2015.

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