A Robot sculpting delicate designs on Polystyrene: Robochop

Usually industrial designs or shapes for sculptures are first sculpted in polystyrene and then the actual thing is created using that polystyrene shape. Robochop (Robot which Chops), which will be up for display on March 15 at Hanover’s CeBIT tech show, can carve out delicate designs on a 50-centimeter cube of polystyrene or durable foam. The shape which the artist or the designer wants to sculpt is first created on computer and then the same is sculpted by Robochop.

The Robochop advertisement video, shown below, is peculiar. As one doesn't understand the delicateness of its carvings, till one notices the square shelves rack behind the robotic arm, which gets populated while the Robochop is in action. The video could be made in a better way.


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