Sensitive Information Logic doesn't stand wrt Apple Watch... Apple Samrtwatch

In the last couple of days, many articles have surfaced online, advising prospective buyers, as to why they should not buy an Apple Watch. The points in support range from : A lot of sensitive data in the hands of the Tech Giant to lack of features to better choices already available.

I agree with the points related to features, choice and dated product; but I can't agree with "the lot of sensitive information in the hands of Apple".

The watch is dated (at least two years past its logical release), that's why it's understandable to avoid some product which is still at its early stages. As early adoption means waiting for months if not years to get the rough edges smoothed. Lack of features can be another issue, when you can buy a smart armband to track your body functions (something smartwatches are most pitched for). That too at a one fourth of the price of an Apple Watch. That apart a smart Wristband can be used with any smartphone. Thus I do agree with all these assertions.

I don't agree with the dilemma, whether one can afford giving Apple one's personal information or not. As it's the same target buyer of Apple Watch who is showing faith on Apple Pay. Apple Pay will have its hands on much more sensitive personal information. In addition, just like any other Apple product, Apple Pay is a disruptive concept. It can make a major change to how we pay electronically. Apple has earmarked a couple of billions to encourage retailers adopt Apple pay. If other payment methods go into oblivion, courtesy this incentive, then it can make us even more dependable on Apple.

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