Apple Watch Charging Dock for Scratch Free Charging

A million people have already went for Apple Watch.

Many among these will surely be those who will try to keep their Apple watch as new as they can.

This means not having odd scratches on Smart watch screen and body.

Charge Your Apple Smart watch or Apple Watch Face Up

AWDock, an upcoming Apple Watch charger, requesting funding at present allows you to keep your Apple Watch brand new. The materialistically designed Apple watch charging dock  seamlessly connects with the Apple Watch charger and keeps it set in place with micro-suction technology, thus it doesn't need any socket to stay at place.  AWDock lets you keep your watch in full view and makes it super easy to use while it's being charged. 

AWDock safely suspends your watch with head turning style so it looks great and stays free from nicks and scratches.  Just like Apple Watch itself, the Apple Watch Charging dock comes in three options : Solid aluminum, stainless steel or 18 Karat gold (plated).

Check out the video below, and if possible, show your support:


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