Clean Your Controversial Content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

New app erases your social media mistakes made years ago.

What wrong you can say in public when you're young. Much.

What not to say and how to be politically correct comes with age. This is called maturity or EQ. And here the only teacher is the Experience. Before the advent of internet and more recently social media, it was easy not to get caught up in what one said years ago. But, this has become almost impossible today, when the moment one starts his/her public life, he/she does so on online social networks, where one keeps leaving footprints.

The footprints which can be traced back even years after the actual utterance or sharing.

Careless or vicious Talk on online social networks or online spaces can cost you your Job 

Or cost you your career.

There are numerable instances where an employee lost his job for saying something inappropriate online about his company, job or boss. There are numerable instances where a person lost his job for sharing his/her sexually explicit pictures or other obscene content. There are also some instances where a person said something politically incorrect years ago, and had to pay the price years later.

Going by the recent trend of companies scanning job candidates' online presence, it has become important to conduct oneself with maturity online.

Clear App

A new app, named Clear, scans your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and flags posts that it thinks might be inappropriate and should be deleted so that your future employer never sees them.

Using proprietary algorithms and the help of IBM’s Watson supercomputer, the ‘Clear’ app scans your social media pages for inappropriate content.

How the App filter inappropriate content on social networks?

By looking for the words or terms which constitute potentially offensive language. For example, one word which constitutes 100 percent offensive language is "gay".

The users can then choose which of the posts to keep and the ones that should be deleted.

The app is created by Ethan Czahor who lost his job as the chief technology officer (CTO) of American politician Jeb Bush’s political action committee, after a series of inappropriate tweets that Czahor had made years ago surfaced. Czahor, young at that time, saw those tweets not more than just bad jokes.

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