Mother confronts 13 year old Daughter in a Facebook Video ... Mistake : Posted Racy photos ...

A Denver, Colorado, USA woman is being criticised and praised at the same time for posting a video on Facebook, where she's seen shaming her 13 year old daughter (whose face has been blurred) for posting racy photos on Facebook.

The critics are calling the mom irresponsible for posting the video; and seeing it as a victimisation of the young girl.

In the video, the woman is shown confronting her 13 year old daughter as to why she stated her age as 19, when she is actually 13; and as to why she's crying now, when it's she who chose to click her photos in bra & lacy lingerie and share those on her Facebook profile.

The woman says that she created the video simply because she loved her child and wants to stand besides her at this time of crisis. She also wants to tell the World that the act of her child is simply indiscretion and her parents will never fall short of guiding her on the right path.

To end, although the video is being criticised as victimisation of a child; there are real questions which one must be asking here. What's a parent's duty towards a 13 year old. Isn't it guiding him/her to the right path? If a mom can't reprimand or confront her child at 13, then how can she guide her to a good life ahead.

In addition, the very real time viral nature of public shame online, also requires an equally powerful anecdote. The girl's mom seems to have done the same. In future, she should be more loving towards her child. This also means spending more valuable time with her.   

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