Twitter's valuation 2015 and Real Earnings

As you already know, Jack Dorsey is back at Twitter. The current Chief Executive Officer Dick Costello, who was brought in to bring money to Twitter, will leave on July 1; and Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter has been made the interim CEO. Thus what began with Dorsey (Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Dick Costello) is ending with Dorsey. Or in other words, what began with the founder is ending with the founder. Alright, Evan Williams the co-founder of Twitter may had held the CEO position after Dorsey, but the founder is at the helm again. This means that money-wise Twitter never managed to perform much.Hence, it's like: We need a professional to earn money; oh nothing is working even after the change, lets bring the founder again, may be that way we can make money(the other way).

Actually, Twitter has very little virtue in it to make big money. It may still have incredible value as one of the premier social media properties, but I don't see any significant way by which it can make enough money to make its shareholders happy. And the answer to it is in the engagement and the number of active users on Twitter. Who will sit all day on Twitter monitoring one's timeline? Twitter may be a great service for spreading World news fast and in real time; but is it good for engaging users. That apart, even those social interactions which take place on Twitter are hard to monitor. The very format of Twitter makes it difficult to put money making content in front of people's eyeballs. The primary reason for it is the absence of search aspect to Twitter. How will Twitter make money when people don't search some information which can be indirectly or directly linked to some product.

That's why ever since the social media micro-blogging site went public in 2013, it has produced less than desired results for shareholders, including tepid user growth and earnings.

Some experts online are speculating sale of Twitter, so that it keeps running as a useful part of some bigger company. I seriously doubt even this option. As in that case the buyer should be a search Giant, such as Google or Microsoft; else the very meaning of 'Trending on Twitter' will be lost. After all one needs a search engine to broadcast to the World, what's trending on Twitter.

I don't think any other giant with Trash troves will buy Twitter (current valuation 33 billion $) to simply understand consumer behavior (analytics). For such studies, only millions are spent.

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