Facegloria makes Facebook uneasy by using 'Face' in its Name

Minutes ago, I heard about Facebook's cease and desist letter sent to Facegloria, a social network for those who want to live their lives the Christian way (that's no bad words, talk of sex, homosexuality etc.).

The Facebook's cease and desist order to Facegloria doesn't look justified. According to Facebook Spokesperson, it's simply an act of  protecting one's brand and every company has the right to do so. According to Facebook Spokesperson, allowing Facegloria to run will mean allowing any confusion in the mind of consumers.

I don't think Facegloria is infringing on Facebook's trademark and could create consumer confusion. The site looks different. Its logo is quite different. Merely having Face in its name doesn't mean it's a threat to Facebook. Of late Facebook is acting as if it has patent over the word Face itself.

Actually, Facegloria is a social network for someone who believes in Christianity and particularly disapproves of Facebook for its offending content or the content which is not approved by religion(Christianity). That's sharing erotic matter, abusing, alcohol consumption and other vices. Put together in Brazil, where Evangelical Christianity is spreading fast, Facegloria has already attracted 1,00,000 users since June.

At present, Facebook has 1.2 billion active users.

Co founded by Atilla Barros, Facegloria plans to expand to English speaking World as well and has already registered the domain name Faceglory.com.

What's Facebook really afraid of? Even if Facegloria will have some attraction for the religious, it has to go a long way to create confusion in the minds of future Facebook users.


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