How Twitter DMs Of Up To 10,000 Characters Help Marketers, Brands Immensely!

If you are not aware of it, then for your information -- Twitter has increased the number of characters for its DMs (Direct Messages or Private messages) within its network to 10,000 characters. DMs are the messages which a Twitter user sends privately to only those Twitter users who follow you. You can't send direct messages to people who aren't following you. DMs only show up in the recipient's Direct Messages list – and not on his/her Twitter home page or public feed.

The change applies to just DMs. Hence, the Public tweets — and tweets from private accounts — which one can send to any person on Twitter -- will continue to be limited to the 140-character standard.

How Twitter Direct messages or Private Messages are great for Marketers and Brands

I've always remained of the view that : Twitter shouldn't tweak unnecessarily with its Real Time News attribute. The 140 character public messages shared on Twitter may appear hard to monetize, but if Twitter tries to go beyond this limit, then it will become something else. In short, it will no longer remain Twitter.

That said, Twitter must realize that it's these 140 character public messages, shared freely across the planet, which made it not only the platform to break Global & Local news within seconds, but also form opinions of every kind within hours.

Under this light, I believe that every money making instrument Twitter is planning to use now or will use in future; must stand on this 140 character public tweets.  Although, if Twitter people want to close shop and move on to some other disruptive Start-up, then they can do anything they like to do.

DMs on Twitter are linked to the way Twitter wants to make money from its platform

Earlier, when some Twitter follower of yours, impressed by the content you shared on Twitter, wanted to contact you for some value offer or interaction -- offer to collaborate, contract, admire, privately inform etc. -- on Twitter he/she had to send multiple DMs. This was a major communication hassle. Much can't be said in 15 words.

Now with 10,000 character limit, an individual DM can contain up to 1000 words.

This is a major advantage for Business brands using Twitter advertising as well; as this will help them respond to the target audience queries in a convenient and elaborate manner.

For marketers, it will help then manage their campaigns better; and focus on value offers.

Twitter must have done this the day they started Promoted Tweets and jumped into Twitter advertising. As without proper interaction mechanism in the background, all the hype created by Tweets is equivalent to offering only half the solution to the brands' and marketers'.

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