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Is Storing data a problem with Apple Devices? Then go for PhotoFast MemoriesCable. The iOS Devices Cable backs up your iOS devices while charging; and also offers Smart Storage to store large data in access of 100 GBs.

Creative Peripherals has today announced the launch of latest PhotoFast MemoriesCable. The World's first extra storage drive is designed as a charging cable for your iPhone. This MemoriesCable stores and manages data and automatically backs up iOS device while charging your iPhone/iPad. 

Thus the unique iOS cable is a link between storage space and charging. A cable with storage built in was the obvious, but what is remarkable is fitting the storage in the cable size. PhotoFast has patented the MemoriesCable technology. MemoriesCable  allows  you  to  back up  your  iOS  devices  while  you  charge. PhotoFast also has the ability to back up the data passively. Thus the  idea  of  charging  your  phone  at  night  and  everything  being backed up is the perfect solution to keep iOS users backed up and on full power without any effort.

Putting  memory  into  a  cable  to  be  convenient  as  well  as  small,  practical  and  super portable is the heart of the MemoriesCable concept. The MemoriesCable storage (up to 128GB) is like having a portable hard drive or laptop with you. Massive storage with the iPhone or other iOS devices ensures you are not only connected and in-touch with all your data but they also fit right into your pocket.

A  strong  focus  on  security  also  plays  an  important role  in  PhotoFast's  product development with features such as Touch ID to secure access to the app and individual file or folder security  ensures data is  always  accessible but protected.  These features combine well with the social media backup features of Facebook and Instagram albums as well as access and management of Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.
iOS Cable to Charge, iOS cable to Store Data

Technical Specifications:

Connections: Lightning/USB 3.0
Compatibility: iOS 7.x/8.x - Mac OS X - Windows 7/8/XP
System requirement: Free APP from AppStore "i-FlashDrive ONE"
Supported Models: iPod - iPhone 5/5S/5C - iPhone 6/6 PLUS - iPad Air/Air 2 /mini
Speed: USB Speed: 90MB/s Write: 22MB/s
Lightning: Read: 30MB/s Write: 20MB/s

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