With Multiple Smartphones, Motorola can't emulate Apple!

Apple's rock strong loyal fans are always instrumental in helping its every product succeed.

But there are other things which Apple does, which make its products succeed.

For instance, many a times critics complain of Apple products all looking the same, with respect to basic form. But what it's the reason, Apple manages to succeed with its every new product, when each look mini-Mes or slimmer-mes.

I think the key is the product category differentiation. Apple doesn't launch multiple product in a category. For instance, when it ventured into smartphone market; it just launched iPhone range. When a new iPhone is launched, the earliest one is already fading out.

When Apple created the tablet PC category, it didn't launch four different tablets at different price points appeasing different target audience. In short, Apple takes calculated risk, it launched a product; either you like it or not; either you afford it or not.

When Apple saw the sanilty of a 7 inch tablet it launched iPad Mini.

In short, Apple can afford to keep its products the same in looks, their functionality differentiates them.

But when a Company rolls out multiple products for multiple target audiences at different price points, then all of them looking the same doesn't help. Motorola is doing exactly the same. Irrespective of the price of its smartphones, all look the same. Which is particularly good, as people buy gadgets for boasting rights as well.

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