How To Erase All Data on Hard Drive Before Selling it

According to a new Study 8 out of every 10 Hard drives sold to a computer Vendor Still contain confidential data. Erase All Data on Hard Drive Before Selling it.

A new study from technology firm Blancco Technology Group found that 78% or close to 8 out of every 10 hard disk drives or solid state drives (SDDs) resold, or refurbished hard disk drives still contain the user's personal or confidential information. This despite the user assuming that he/she has supposedly being “wiped.” out the hard disk clean.

Non-erased personal data or confidential data on HDDs and SDDs can mean anything from compromising your business/company data to compromising your personal data, which can lead to reputation risk (photos/videos) to identity theft(financial data).

Hence, before selling your hard drive, ensure that your sensitive data shouldn’t go in the hands of the strangers.

Full Format to Erase All Data on Hard Drive or Solid State Drive Before Selling it

The terms “deleting” data and “erasing” data are NOT the same thing.

In the same way , "Quick Format" and "Full Format" are NOT the same thing.

For example, when you delete a file on a computer its goes to the recycle Bin. Even when you empty the Recycle Bin, the data still remains in the Hard Disk.

To Erase the Data, you have to Format the Hard Disk.

A quick format, does NOT erase all the Data.

What is the Solution ? To erase all the Data on Hard drive permanently, YOU NEED TO FULL FORMAT the hard drive.

NOTE: In case you have very sensitive Data on your hard drive, then DO Not Sell it. As Even Full Format leaves some data un-erased. Here, the hard disk needs to be reduced to pieces, so that no hacker can put together all the pieces back. 

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