Upcoming Google Pixel smartphones | 5 Rumors Circulating !

Now that it has become more than certain that Google's new smartphone line Google Pixel smartphones will be launched on October 4, we can discuss some of the rumors that are doing rounds on Web. It's more than certain that, the Pixel Smartphones will have Apple's Siri like AI-powered virtual assistant.

 What are the Rumors? 

1. Following the trend, the Google Pixel smartphones will be in two sizes and variants, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. The smaller one being 5 inch Pixel.

2. The Pixel smartphones will have fingerprint scanner at the back. Most likely, it will be on the XL variant. It will be great if the Finger print scanner and Camera button are on the back.

3. It said to have aluminium at the bottom and glass at the top.

4. Although two price rumors are circulating for the starting price of the Pixel smartphone. One around Rs. 44,000 and the other Rs. 30,000. You can assume the 5-inch Pixel smartphone to have the Rs. 30,000 price tag. It can be plus Rs. 3000. But it cannot be Rs. 44,000.

5. And Finally the OS. They may be shipped with Android 7.1 Nougat.


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