Mitsubishi Electric Algorithm for Better Learning Cars, Industrial Robots

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a High-Speed Training Algorithm capable of Deep Learning. The algorithm can be embedded in vehicles, industrial robots and other machinery for better, deep and fast learning.

According to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation it has developed a high-speed training algorithm for deep learning that incorporates necessary inference functions for identification, recognition and prediction of unknown facts based on known facts (Inference means a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning). Inference is one of the standards used to measure the sophistication of Artificial Intelligence. The more the Inference ability, the more AI.

The new algorithm is expected to simplify the implementation of deep learning in vehicles, industrial robots and other machinery by drastically reducing memory usage and the computational time for training; and hence lesser implementation costs for AI.

Artificial Intelligence algorithm helps industrial robots learn faster

Robots are already replacing Humans on Industrial Assembly Lines

Will such Artificially intelligent systems be replacing humans soon?

The question is not about intelligence. It's about affordability, profitability, precision.

If the human labor is cheap, then humans will be employed. In the same way, if it's profitable to make an AI car then such algorithms will surely be embedded. In the same way, if the industrial activity needs high degree of precision, something which is beyond human ability, then such algorithms will be employed.


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