10 Life and Career Lessons You can Learn | Tommy Hilfiger Memoir

Stumbled upon a recent interview of iconic fashion designer and astute business man Tommy Hilfiger. The interview was part of his just released memoir, “American Dreamer: My Life in Fashion & Business”.

Tommy Hilfiger's entire career remains dedicated to learning Fashion and the business part of it. From his interview, the 65-year-old style icon for both men and women, emerges out as a man who has some concrete Life Lessons and Career advice to offer. The major part of his memoir seems to be devoted to these, his style sense, plus some mistakes which contributed to his growth as an individual.

About the Book:

‘American Dreamer’ is a personal memoir and a chronological history of the brand Tommy Hilfiger, the man behind the brand, his life after selling the brand and working there as an employee; and his growth as a Business leader and an individual. It's a chronological history sort of, of a man, who started from New York in 80s and reached Miami, Florida in 2016.

Below are some 10 lessons one can get from Tommy Hilfiger's interview, and hopefully his book:

1. Who moved My Cheese moments happen in Life: In the book, Who moved my Cheese, the author Dr. Spenser Johnson, makes one simple but profound point. Call it destiny or some other force, Change happens in our lives and careers. Many a times we are not ready for this change or the change hits us totally unaware. Late Steve Jobs used to phrase it as 'Many a Times Life hits you with a Brick'. In simple, there are times in our lives and careers where a sudden change makes us clueless. What to do next! ... The best way to go forward, is to keep walking. Who knows in the search of a new cheese, you may better your Life.

Take the example of Tommy Hilfiger. As a young boy he was in upstate New York, Decades later he finds himself in Miami. During these decades he created a global brand, sold it, became a style icon, a reality TV actor and diversified his business interests. He wouldn't be here, if he had not kept walking in search of the new motivation. Does his career sound like that of Steve Jobs.? ... Well ... the life of every successful person who has impacted the life of others in any way... sounds the same.

2. Mistakes Do Happen: Mistakes are a part of life. They are essential as committing a mistake needs taking an action. It's better to commit mistake that stand still.

3. Personal Relationships and Money are one of the biggest teachers: 

In his interview, Hilfiger says that although his life story is full of interesting, and worth sharing memories; there are plenty of painful memories related to relationships and money issues as well.

If that point is discussed in details in the book, then it will make the book even more valuable.

If we look at the life of any person, who's ambitious and wants to achieve something in Life, then the major lessons Life can offer come through relationships and Money. To cut thing short, while soured relationships offer a person biggest emotional lessons; the money issues make the person more wise for the next time. But to benefit from such lessons one must have the resolve to stand up and recollect oneself.

4. You must have a Dream: If a person wants to do something good with her/his life then there must be a dream. You must have a Dream for your Life; and the optimism, right attitude, hard work and never give up spirit to chase it.

The simple question to ask now is: What is my dream in Life?.. OR If you've larger estimation of yourself, then what should I do to achieve that Dream?

For Tommy Hilfiger, the dream was to make a Global Fashion Brand.

5.  Never Shy from taking help or collaborating with the right people: These are the people who will better your life, or help you achieve your dream.

6. Gut feeling works for those who act: For instance, Tommy Hilfiger believes that everything is cyclical. Outfits which were in fashion in the past, arrive again, may be in some other form (Style). In order to keep inventing, and re-inventing, and acting, this is how one benefits from gut feeling.

7. Fit Body means Fit mind, Make exercise a part of your life: Choose any exercise which keeps you at the state of best body fitness. In addition, Waking up early always gives you a head-start for the exigencies of each day. Tommy Hilfiger does running biking and sometimes Yoga.

8. Keep generating ideas, Look for new Ideas as well:  According to a latest study, an average human being's brain generates 50 thousand thoughts every single day. many of these thoughts are ideas. How many new ideas we work on? ... Very little or none. Keep aware about ideas. That way you will be able to sieve up and work on good ones. Be open in new ideas as well.

9. Social Networking and Web can teach you much: According to Hilfiger, who's also hosted a reality TV show, The Cut, says that online Social networks and Web can teach you a lot. In fashion, it helps in keeping a tap on what styles are in and what are out. In fact he says, Fashion these days in driven by Social media. The same applies for every professional. See how you can use the mediums for your career growth.

10. Remain Creative: I think this applies to every person who wants grow in his/her career. The creativity is just not restricted to actors, Fashion designers or artist. The creativity, which primarily means creating something, is open for every professional. See how you can be creative in your field.

Will read and share much more the book has to share.


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