5 Tips To Avoid Cyber Squatting This Black Friday

5 Tips To Avoid typo squatting, a type of  Cyber Squatting This Black Friday
If you are in a habit of buying online or are planning to buy for the first time on this upcoming Black Friday or Cyber Monday, then among other things, you must also watch for Typo Squatters who .

What is Typo Squatting?

Typo squatting, also called URL hijacking, is a form of cyber squatting which relies on mistakes such as typographical errors made by Internet users when inputting a website address into a web browser.

To save you from this form of Cyber Squatting, follow the following Tips online:

Tip 1: You should always take a second to look at the URL you just typed into your browser and make sure you are where you think you are. Cyber criminals know that people make mistakes while typing. To benefit from such innocent or careless typing mistakes, they register lots of typo-ridden addresses that are very similar to the real word. For example, in order to benefit from the typing mistakes people do while typing amazon, they will register every variation possible. Such as amaazon.com, amazzon. com etc.

Hence always take a second look at what you have typed as the url.

Tip 2: Instead of Typing a full URL into your web browser, just type the name. That's instead of typing amazon.com, just type amazon and press enter. You will find the real thing within the top search results. From there you can visit.

Tip 3: The victims of Typo squatting are NOT the big websites only. ANY WEBSITE which has significant footfalls can be a victim of typo squatting.

Tip 4: Whenever you recieve an email purporting to be from some well known or authentic source, Please make it a habit of checking the sender email and url for Typo Squatting.

Tip 5: Remember that Typo Squatters most often use those spelling variations which at one glance appear to be the normal spelling. For instance, instead of using couponjunction, the typo squatter will use coupunjunction.

Happy buying!


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