Amazon no checkouts shopping for Brick n Mortar Grocery Shops

How about visiting a big or a small grocery, choosing and putting all you want in your shopping cart; and instead of standing in a queue to wait for your chance to pay the bills, reloading the contents of your shopping cart in carry bags and simply moving out of the store. No, you're been given an opportunity to take all you ant for free. You're not sneaking out cleverly either. The shopping experience which is being described above is, what amazon calls grocery shop with no checkouts.   Amazon has revealed plans for a grocery shop without a checkout process, where customers will instead pay for the goods they have selected or taking home via an app.

Amazon innovating the use of Apps in no checkouts shopping or using an already existing innovation at a larger Scale

You may say you've witnessed the experience at a smaller scale already or at a different place, both are true. But if Amazon plans it then you can bet the system will be more smooth and at a much bigger scale. It took amazon four years to develop the  no checkouts shopping System.

How Amazon Walk out shopping experience will work

The system makes use of AI along with a mobile app. Customers will swipe into the store using the Go app. The system  will use computer vision, sensors and deep learning algorithms to detect when
items are taken or returned to shelves and tracks them in a virtual shopping trolley. Once the shopper leaves the store, their Amazon account will be charged and receipt sent to them.

The first shop is expected to open to the public in Seattle in the US in early 2017.

If Grocery Sector is crowded due to traditional checkout process 

If the shoppers in grocery stores are unhappy with long queues, then this experiment will work. As You will not have to wait in line with your cart full.

Removing the traditional checkout process, also means that although you will be having a real experience while choosing and filling your shopping cart, you will be venturing online for checkout process. A big incentive for anyone who wants have a real feel of things before he/she buys it.

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