Bad Handwriting?... This Writing Robot is an inspiration for You!

Bad Handwriting?... Writing Robot with good hand writing
A robot which may not be holding the pen your way, but it's surely capable of writing every font form possible. With even pressure and with finesse. One of the best abilities of this robot is that it not only writes every possible font type present on your Word Application, it also write it with any pen you hand it to it. Meet, the AxiDraw V3. The drawing machine is worth looking at:

Can these automatic Writing machines defraud you by rendering your signature

A human handwriting differs from one another, and also from a machine, not only in form; but also in a way a human being exerts pressure while writing something. These pressure points while writing makes for certain imperfections in human writing. These imperfections makes you handwriting unique.

Hence as of now it's difficult for a robot to mimic your writing to defraud you. That apart, whenever there any substantial transaction taking place, there's always a human intervention. That's there will always be a human being to approve the final action. Hence don't worry.      

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