42 inch connected e Ink White Board for your Board room meetings

Quirk Logic has brought a 42 inch connected white broad with an e Ink display. Named Quilla eWriter, the 42 inch displays are connected, means they are connected to the internet. This enables sharing information over the connected devices across planet.

42 inch connected e Ink White Board
That apart, a couple of these 42 inch displays or e white boards can be clubbed together to create a big display. Notably, Amazon's Kindle also uses the e Ink display.

This large connected e-writer (if you want to call it), has very amusing features. Apart from writing on the display, you can update (add, modify delete), share and make updates from multiple locations. It's connected you see. From the look of it, the utilities seem to be intuitively designed.

If it has no resolution issues, then it will be great for Board room presentations or work place presentations.



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