Google acquires Twitter's mobile app developer platform Fabric

A couple of months ago, there was some talk of Twitter acquisition. Who would be the ideal suitor? was the question. From some superficial thinking it came to us that Google could be the ideal buyer.

Google acquires Twitter mobile app developer platform Fabric
Ten days ago Google acquired Twitter's mobile app developer platform Fabric. According to reports, Google bought Fabric in a bid to help developers build better apps and grow their business. Fabric started as a modular SDK in 2014 allowing developers improve their apps. On the acquisition Google said, "The integration of Fabric is part of our larger, long-term effort of delivering a comprehensive suite of features for iOS, Android and mobile web app development,"says Google.

Fabric at present serves apps built by 580,000 developers. These apps are used by 2.5 billion users.

Fabric will join Google's Developer Product Group working with Firebase team.

Seems as if Twitter is acquired in bits and pieces.

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