Wristband turns your finger into a Bluetooth earpiece | Bone Conduction

How many of you are in a habit of placing your headphones not exactly over your ears, but around them. That's each ear phone is not covering your ears?... Many of you, Right!

Actually to hear sound you don't necessarily need to put earphones directly over your ears. If you place them on some bone or any other medium for the sound to travel, then you can hear the sound as well. As of now we know that bones are one such medium. The brain has ways other than organs inside the ears to hear sound. For instance, you hear the sound the moment you knock on your skull (head). This is Bone conduction.

Headphones and Bluetooth headphones, earpieces make use of such conduction all the time.

Use of Bone conduction can turn your finger into a Bluetooth earpiece

A new wristband, Sgnl wristband, makes use of bone conduction and enables you to take calls, get email, social media or other notifications, hear music by simply placing the finger of your hand with the wristband on some bone around the ear.

Yes, no need to put a Bluetooth earpiece above your ear to hear your linked smartphone. All you've to do is place the finger (preferably the index finger) of the hand with wristband on a bone near the ear.

The way this bone conduction bluetooth wristband works is simple. The wristband is a bluetooth receiver. It receives signals from paired smartphone and conducts those signals to your brain through bones in your finger and around the ear.

You can use the sgnl wristband with any smartwatch or a non-smartwatch. If you don't have a watch, then you can wear just the wristband or put some fashion accessory to it.

Price of Bone Conduction wristband, The Sgnl wristband

About $200.

The wristband is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 8, and above.

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