Human Skin Like material developed in Laboratory... Very versatile!

Human Skin Like material developed in Laboratory... apply like a cream

Human skin or the skin of any mammal around are special. It not only acts as a protective porous shield protecting the body, it's also special because it responds (contacts and expands) based on external stimuli (pressure or any other stimulus). In that respect human skin can be seen as a big programmed auxetic membrane intelligently responding to stimuli. The MIT Self-Assembly Lab has developed a new kind of auxetic material that does not require human interaction to respond. According to researchers it very much acts like a human skin. It has pores, tightens in cold weather to keep the warmth inside, and loosens up in hot weather to ventilate.

Although the use of the innovation can be numerous. The best ones can be for those with burn injuries for healing and reconstructive purposes or with genetic disorders which makes susceptible to injuries. Or in rare cases where skin is not present.

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