Wireless Keyboard with Fingerprint ID | Microsoft Modern Keyboard

Microsoft will soon be launching a Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID. The keyboard with fingerprint sensor is designed for Windows Hello -- the bio-metric login feature found in Windows 10. It features Bluetooth 4.0/4.1 and a wireless range of up to 50 feet.

The keyboard has both wireless and wired options. Having it work both wired and wireless surely extends the comfort and the battery life of the Keyboard.

According to Microsoft,

"The option of using Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID as either a wireless/wired interface gives connection options, making it more appealing to commercial audiences. We optimized the Bluetooth paring experience, enabling automatic pairing when you connect the cable at first time and the Keyboard requires some initial configuration."

As far as the Fingerprint sensor is concerned, then there's one key on the keyboard  dedicated as Fingerprint ID with a fingerprint label on it. Because Microsoft calls the Keyboard as one having a "hidden" fingerprint scanner, then instead of having a visibly dedicated key for it, the Keyboard should have provided the user with the option of dedicating any key on the Keyboard for this purpose.

Compatibility: Apart from the newest version of Windows, Microsoft Modern Keyboard will be compatible with 8.X and RT. In addition, it will be compatible with iOS, Android and macOS.

The bio-metric functionality is likely to be Windows 10 only.

Price of Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID: $130.

Availability: No word is out yet


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