3 Rumors about Apple Watch 3 !

Ahead of its Tuesday Special Event, the rumor mills are agog churning out rumors or information , if they prove out to be true.

The latest rumors about the Apple Watch 3 (if it's launched) are the inferences which are skimmed out by reputed online sources after looking at the leaked Golden Master firmware of iOS 11.

The 3 possible speculations being inferred are:

1.  New Watch Colors a Blush Gold (Premium) and Ceramic Grey(Common Folk). The Ceramic Grey may also be the new color for the Apple Watch Edition timepiece, which at present is available in white shade, some sources speculate.

2.  On the software front, there’s also evidence of a new watch or Apple Watch 3.

A new Watch face and a red digital crown is also being speculated.

3.  Apple Watch 3 may have LTE Capabilities with an built-in electronic SIM.

Only event will cease the speculations.


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