Google Chrome Will Start Auto-Blocking Annoying Ads

When was the last time you visited a website, and suddenly a full screen ad covers up the entire screen? OR when was the last time you have multiple browser tabs open, all of a sudden you hear two people speaking or some ad jingle ringing? .... Very recently right!... or it may be happening just a seconds ago.

Do such whole screen occupying , auto-playing, or distractedly illuminated blinking Ads annoy and irritate you? ... If yes, then you're not alone. The whole screen (which cover even the content area), auto-play video and ads with brightly flashing lights are among the type of ads internet users hate out-rightly.

An ad-blocker may appear the best solution to the problem of annoying ads, but these blockers are bad for content consumption. Hence But don't use an ad-blocker. It's quite logical to understand why any content consumer must NOT USE AD-BLOCKERS.  The logic is simple. The ads shown on any website are there to help the website owners earn revenue. The revenue is used to pay for creating the content you're consuming. If you block the ads, you block the revenue for the website owners, which eventually dries up the content.

But still some ad formats are quite annoying for any content consumer or internet user. So what's the way out? Google which runs online advertisements on majority of websites and web properties online, is aware of this annoying ads problem. That's the reason it's on track of reducing the annoyance.

Google goes after the Annoying and time wasting advertisements online

Instead of banning all ad-blockers which could have been the simplest thing for it to do, Google is going to start blocking ad itself — but only the most overt ones.

Starting on February 15, Google Chrome will begin blocking certain ads they’ve deemed as “overwhelmingly frustrating or intrusive,”. The Search and online advertising Giant hopes that it will encourage advertisers will put more time into making ads that are less intrusive.

google will do a far better job if it starts its own ad blocker.
Google who supports the Coalition for Better Ads, has tasked the Coalition to write out the guidelines of what counts as intrusive advertisements. Under Google’s new policy, ads that take up the whole screen, auto-play sound, or featuring flashing lights are all banned. These ads rank as the most frustrating advertisements in the Coalition for Better Ads’ research.

By teaming up with the Coalition for Better Ads, Google is not only trying to weed out the most obtrusive, annoying ad formats. It's trying to figure out the formats most preferred by the users. It's important here to understand that Google will not reprogram chrome to out-rightly block the annoying ads. Instead its roll-out will be gradual. The Sites found to be violating these set standards will not be able to show annoying ad formats unless, they remove them from the websites. Overall, Google will try to find a ground where the interests of both 'Advertisers, content creators, website owners' and the Content consumer (internet user) are met. Over the months we will see better ad formats online.

Google will not make your Online Content consumption experience "Ad Free"

To conclude, getting rid of online Ads by using an Ad-blocker is not in the interest of the internet user either. For obvious reasons. Seeing it that way, it will be interesting to see how Google makes your online content consumption experience better with better and useful Ads.


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