USELESS Gifts are the Best Gifts | Study

2017 is coming to an end and the new year is just round the corner. The festive spirits are already there as Christmas is only a week ahead. So just like millions of others you are also making Gift lists and manage your expenditure on gifs. But irrespective of how you see it, you do want to give a memorable gift to your loved ones within the family and friends.

And that is the biggest problem, giving a gift to a professional contact or work colleague (who you may not love) is easy. You know the money their money worth and their lifestyle. Plus this gift niche has  advanced so much that it's not that difficult to decide what to Gift. All sort of help is available to you online and in real world.

The problem arises when you have to give a gift to your loved one. What to Gift? Should the Gift be useful? ... and you suddenly become indecisive. And in most cases, you decide to give either cash or something of utility.

But if you gift cash, gift card or something useful, you will go plain wrong.

According to a new study, the gift are neither useful nor having some pecuniary value which can be spent later on or as per the receiver's discretions. The best gifts are those which are USELESS, but offer some memorable experience. Something which the receiver can link with happy memories. For instance it can be a fun outing with your wife or kids, or your parents.


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