Tell-all Book about Silicon Valley's Secret Sex Parties

To the outside World, Silicon Valley is still a fabled place. These outsiders are not just common Joes. The crucible of tech start-ups with astronomical expectations, valuations and investor money, is much alien to outside businesses as well. Most of the things they seem to know about Silicon Valley are the third person accounts of familiar with the developments. Outsiders are not to blamed entirely. The Valley is said to have a habit of keeping everything under wraps. May be the nature of their efforts (based on some brilliant yet simple easily scalable idea)  makes such an arrangement necessary.

A book which claims to be a tell-all Book about Silicon Valley's Secret Sex Parties
But keeping things very private has its own downsides. Apart from having a lot of third person accounts, too many strongly guarded closed doors, also means everything questionable happening at workplace (and work related after-hours activities) getting snow-balled into big controversies. Work Place related issues involving gender discrimination, unequal wages, sexual harassment, moral misconduct are not restricted to Silicon Valley alone, but those unearthed from the Silicon Valley become the biggest talking point. This explains why the tech startup Uber's sexual misconduct scandal involving 20 employees is still in our minds. But things don't seem to change for the valley anytime soon. More so till the private money rules most of the startups.

That said, an upcoming book (available now) by Bloomberg veteran Emily Chang named Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley, is going to add into Silicon Valley's much talked about drug fueled (Ecstasy like called "Molly Tablets") after-hours sex parties. The book, which the author claims is based on the accounts of nearly two dozen people familiar with these parties, portrays Silicon Valley as a place where exclusive invitation only sex parties, called "e-parties" decide an attendeee's rise or fall in dynamic power struggle. A power struggle where a female in tech has no escape, claims the author.

The author believes that these after hours sex orgies involving typically first-round investors, prominent entrepreneurs and high-ranking executives(from tech and tech aligned industries) enforce a higher ratio of women to men, with the sexual acts heavily skewing towards Cougar acts, orgies.


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