How to install cuelinks on Blogger Blog | A Quick Solution

Are you are one of those bloggers who is running a Blogger blog, and want to install Cuelinks on your blog to earn money? But for some unknown reason you're not able to install the cuelinks code successfully then this article is for you.

The reason for the unsuccessful installation of Cuelinks code on your blogger theme can be the Jaavascript problem.

This problem arises when the html code provided by Cuelinks is not converted into java-script code. When the html code is pasted in the blogger theme without converting it to Java-script, then Cuelinks is not able to access the installation in the template. This results in unsuccessful installation.

Convert Cuelinks HTML Code to Java-script for Blogger Blog

Suppose, you want to convert all the links within your blogposts into money making Cuelinks. This kind of monetisation is particularly useful if you quote other website links in your content.

So how can you successfully install the Cuelinks code in your blogger blog to convert all such links(when clicked by reader) into money-making affiliated links.

Here is the simple installation, including the javascript conversion, which many blogger blog owners may be missing:

Step 1: Log in to Cuelinks Dashboard and Click on INSTALL NOW button under Javascript installation.

Cuelinks javascript installation

Step 2: On the new page, Click on COPY button:

copy cuelinks html code

Step 3: Convert the Copied Code into Javascript. You can use one of these html to javascript conversion websites. Copy the converted code (converted to Java script).

Step 4: Go to Blogger Dashboard and Click Edit HTML button under Theme:

Click edit html button to edit blogger theme

Step 5: Search </body> inside the html code and paste the converted Cuelinks code just above the </body> tag. Save Theme.

paste the converted Cuelinks java script code inside the edit html

Step 6: Paste your full website url and Click CHECK INSTALLATION button.

check whether your cuelinks java script installation is successfully installed on your website or not.

You will see a Green "Javascript Installation Successful" message!

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not working on my blog will you please make a video over it my blog is showing me different settings