Pay HDFC Life Policy Premium ONLINE | Simple Steps

Many HDFC Life insurance policy holders personally visit their Insurance provider office to pay their annual insurance premium. They can pay their HDFC Life Policy Premium ONLINE as well. It will be far more easy and save them from much hassle. Below are some simple steps to pay HDFC Life Policy Premium ONLINE:

Steps 1: Search for hdfc life on google. Click on Premium Payment on Official HDFC Life insurance website:

google search hdfc life

Step 2: Click on Make Hassle-free Premium Payment

click on hassle free hdfc life insurance policy premium payment

Step 3: Click on the Click Here link

online payment hdfc life insurance policy premium

Step 4: Enter HDFC Life Policy Number (it will be mentioned in your policy or previous receipt).
Enter your date of birth in correct format. For example, if the policy holder's date of birth is June 25, 2000, then put 25/06/00 (DD is 25, MM is 06 and YY is 00).

And Click on Proceed.

put your hdfc life insurance policy number and date of birth in dd/mm//yy format and click on proceed
Step 5: Tick the Agree box and fill any information which you're needed to fill.

Click on Pay

Step 6: Follow the Online Payment steps.

Step 7: Save or Print the "HDFC acknowledgement of successful HDFC Life Insurance Premium" for future evidence.

hdfc life insurance policy premium payment acknowledgement

That's it, you have successfully paid your HDFC Life Policy Premium ONLINE.

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