Recent articles not showing on self-hosted WordPress Blog

If you're a blogger running a self-hosted wordpress blog , then sometimes you find your recently written or created posts/articles absent from the home page. They are not only absent from blog homepage, but also from Recent posts widget in the Sidebar. You have emptied the browser cache and done everything else, but the problem persists.  Your self-hosted WordPress Blog homepage is looking like this to everyone, including you:

Recent articles not showing on self-hosted WordPress Blog

When in reality it must look like this:

You have added more articles and content to your self-hosted WordPress Blog, but the recent articles are absent on homepage, for everyone, including you.

So what is the way out?

Try to do this: Install and activate another Theme to your wordpress blog. You can even install a free wordpress theme. Visit blog, to see if the recent posts/articles are visible in the new theme. If yes, then reinstall and activate your previous theme. It may solve your problem.


What is self-hosted wordpress blog or website?  
A blog created by installing free CRM or platform on purchased hosting. It is different from free Here all you need is a domain name and web hosting. The CRM comes free with hosting.

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