Does Google see your BLOG "Unsafe website to visit" | Google Tool

This 'Safe for browsing' Check tool from Google is so simple that even a new blogger or website owner can use it.

It is no hidden truth that Google is the biggest source of organic traffic for any blogger or website owner. To benefit from this free traffic, a blog must not only appear in the Google search results, it must also be tagged safe for browsing by Google.

A blog which is flagged "Dangerous to surf" or "Unsafe website to visit" or "Compromised website" by Google means a significant loss of free traffic to a blog. Hence it is important for every blogger, especially new ones to check surfing reputation of their blogs. More so, if she/she is making constant hit-n-trial changes to her blog. It is very easy to get some malicious codes on a blog during such tweaking attempts.

To check the Safe website to Visit status of your Blog, visit this Google Tool:

Unsafe website to visit or unsafe blog to visit Google Tool

If your blog passes the Safe for browsing test, then it is great.

What if your blog fails the Google "safe website to visit" Test

If it fails then don't panic. Start removing the changes you made to your blog code (theme html), removing the most recent one first; and keep checking the Safe surf status after every change.

If you have installed some unsafe widget code or advertisement, then you can think about removing them as well.

Good luck!

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