What is better than using an Ad Blocker --- Follow these 3 simple rules

According to a some recent studies, about 30 percent of all web users on mobile use ad blockers while browsing.

In some countries such as India, the number is as high as 60 percent.

The main reasons for using any ad blocker (or a web browser with ad blocker) are:

  • Data theft and other security concerns
  • Protection from virus and other malwares
  • browse quickly and save time
  • Save mobile data

But the question is: Do these mobile ad blockers bundled with UC browser or any other browser offer all the above benefits?

The answer is NO.

According to some latest authoritative studies, most of these ad blocking claims are either FAKE or; such browsers themselves are malware laden and are involved in Data Theft.

What you must do?

Do not use ad blockers while surfing web; and follow these simple rules:

  1. Deactivate ad blockers
  2. Do not install any ad blocker extension for browser
  3. Visit reputed website (they carry just two or three ads). If you are unsure whether a website is safe to visit or not, then use this Safe website to visit tool by Google.

To conclude, many mobile web users believe that using an ad blocker will make their device and data safe. But the reality is entirely opposite --- The more extensions or utilities such as these ad blockers you use, the likelihood of data theft and other risks only increases.


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